How Automating Returns helped Whattheflex Win Customers and Boost Revenue by 20%

Hours Saved
Upsell Rate
Return Fraud

Whattheflex, the gender-neutral streetwear brand known for its inclusive styles and unparalleled quality, is making waves in the streetwear industry, offering unique designs that make a fashion statement. With ReturnX, they found the missing piece to their puzzle – turning tedious return processes into a breeze.

The Struggle Was Real
Return Frauds Spike
According to the NRF, return frauds in the retail industry amount to
$101 billion!
With return frauds escalating, Whattheflex faced a trust and financial dilemma. A staggering 5-10% of returns were fraudulent, impacting revenue and customer trust.
Time-Consuming Returns
Manual returns drained hours, stealing their precious time from growth efforts. Studies reveal 30% of online purchases are returned, each minute spent handling these eats into potential growth. Switching dashboards and excel sheets was very confusing and tedious.
Low Customer Retention
Selling products that have a different fit and style for different customers, they found it hard to maintain customer loyalty along with handling returns. Complex returns reduced repeat business and frustrated customers.
“Huge shoutout to Amey and Yash for handling everything from the setup to training my team to use it. Our process went from 15-20 minutes to less than 1 minute per request. The ability to check images and comments before items get back to us is a huge time-saver and helped us reduce return fraud.”
Aditya, founder, wtflex.in
No More Time Wasted
ReturnX automated the returns process, saving hours weekly and freeing up time for strategic moves.
Won Customers
Faster returns and clear communication enhanced the return experience, boosting customer loyalty.
Boosted Sales
Saved time meant more focus on marketing, leading to boosted sales and happy customers.
Analytics on returns
ReturnX provided actionable analytics on customer behavior which helped them understand purchasing patterns.
How Did ReturnX Make This Happen?
Fraud Prevention
Our advanced quality check feature gives you the power to reduce return frauds to zer, safeguarding your revenue and reinforcing customer trust. ReturnX integrates with shipping/logistics partners that provide a quality check option and allows quality check to be enabled on all return orders even from unserviceable pin codes. After only a week of implementation, all return frauds drop down to zero.
Seamless Automation
ReturnX’s automation tools transform tedious manual processes into efficient, time-saving systems, enhancing both customer satisfaction and operational productivity. We provide you a quick way to initiate return requests through a return portal. This takes seconds and removes the need to manually handle returns.
Exchange Feature
By providing an exchange option, your brand is not only avoiding a loss but also significantly improving loyalty and encouraging repeat business. ReturnX will easily convert your
refunds into exchanges.

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