Picture this: A customer excitedly unwraps your much-anticipated package. But when expectations aren't fully met, a hint of disappointment sets in. :(

According to the traditional e-commerce story, this can be the start of an unhappy relationship between a customer and a brand. But what if this moment is a chance to create an outstanding experience that turns a possible loss into a win for client retention? It's not just about returning money.

Exchanges: A win-win

Consider exchanges as the best choice from the various methods to refund a customer. When a buyer wishes to exchange a product, they are inviting an array of options rather than simply correcting a mismatched purchase. Exchanges keep the customer-brand relationship alive, ensuring that each step taken is one that resonates with the customer's preferences. They not only help with retention but also build an unforgettable interaction.

converting returns to exchanges to increase profits
Convert return into exchanges

The Original Refund Method

The classic refund process is a simple return to the source, which is the familiar option that customers are used to. It's a straightforward choice that guarantees transparency and simplicity.

This method misses out on chances to interact with customers and does not turn complaints into positive experiences. It’s difficult to increase customer loyalty and gain the customer’s trust back.

This approach not only results in a loss of revenue but also a loss of customers. The time taken to process the refund is a minimum of 4-5 days, and COD orders also require 3rd party payment integration. Therefore, using this approach is not advised.

Below are ways to refund your customers and maintain a good customer-brand relationship.

Infographic detailing ecommerce returns dashboard
refund in original payment method shopify

Store Credit in the form of Gift Cards

A better alternative to refund in Original method souce is Store credit or discount code. With first option you are loosing both the customer and the revenue. But with Store credits and Gift card you are not only holding on the revenue but also giving yourself, an another chance to make customer satisfied.

Imagine a customer who was initially disappointed with their purchase and is now holding their gift card, a digital treasure trove that invites them to explore the aisles once more and discover more options. Store credit is not just about giving back funds; it's about insisting customers to explore your wares once more, turning a one-time transaction into an ongoing relationship. Store credit presented as gift cards serves as a symbol of brand loyalty, providing consumers with more than simply a solution in the world of eCommerce, they become a source of lasting satisfaction.

Refund with gift card
refund via gift card shopify

Discount code: The Sweet Way of Saving

Who doesn’t love a kind discount on products? Not only is money being returned, but it's a gesture that says, "Come back and enjoy our offerings at an even sweeter price." It creates an incentive for customers to return for more. Discounts establish a personal connection with the customer, as it’s a kind gesture giving them the advantage of shopping at lower prices and keeping customer satisfaction intact. The difference between a Discount code and Store credits is that Store credits works as a wallet. You can redeem those credits in more than one transaction if you have remaining amount left. But with Discount code you can only use it once per order even if the amount in discount code is greater than cart's value.
More over multiple store credits can be applied on the same order but this is not the case with Discount code.
Both of them are issued in the form of long String of random letters and the customer can paste and redeem while checking out.

refund with gift cards
Refund via Discount code

The Art of Customer Retention

Customer retention is an art, when managed thoughtfully, becomes a masterpiece. It's about transforming a potential loss into a win-win scenario, where customers leave not only satisfied with the resolution but intrigued by the varied options laid before them. The important key to customer retention lies in creating a positive and memorable customer experience. When customers feel valued, understood, and appreciated, they are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty to a brand.

9 in 10 customers consider repurchasing from brands with a better post-purchase experience. Consistent communication, personalized interactions, gift cards, discounts, excellent customer service, and going the extra mile to meet or exceed expectations are truly game-changing.

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customer retention using returnx


ReturnX is an innovative solution that goes beyond traditional methods when it comes to client retention. It converts a possible source of unhappiness into a chance to increase customer loyalty by optimizing the returns procedure. Your brand can not only be effective but also transparent and personalized, as ReturnX smoothly integrates with several aspects of eCommerce operations and ensures that your customers receive the best refund experience.