ReturnX converts refunds to exchanges

Take every opportunity to get to make the customer satisfied by offering a smart solution to retain the sale. Instead of directly going ahead with the refund, offer options to retain the sale.


On Demand Returns

Provide service at anytime of the day wether your team is online or offline and provide customers with convenience


Simple to use interface

Designed to scroll less and be optimised on all screen sizes to make it extra convenient


Exchange promoting flow

Let every exchange be an opportunity for your store to promote an exchange for another item.


Returns doesn’t mean refunds

By promoting exchanging instead of refunding, we help you retain the sale and reduce losses


Amazing shopping experience

Deliver a shopping experience that is true to your brand and like they never left your online store.


Upsell and store credit

Capture payment if the selected item is more expensive and offer refund in store credit or to source account in 1 click.


Save time,Save money

With or super easy and powerful Merchant portal, create new exchange order and refund old order in just 1 click.


Inventory and order management

Integrates with your Shopify store to handle refunds, returned items, inventory  and creating new exchange orders in one click safely and securely.


Returns Analytics

Track and extrapolate trends from all your returns in one place.


Know your Customer, more!

With our detail analysis you can easily track about the most common reason your customer are returning your Item.

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